The stage. Singing sensation Sir Tom Jones, who was married to his wife for 59 years, has told an emotional story of what she said on her deathbed. He even met Chris Stapleton, who skyrocketed to fame with a version of Tennessee Whiskey in 2015, backstage at the Houston Rodeo. Whoever sang it first, the song has become a country classic. , The Dallas Morning News Inc. All Rights Reserved. He was ready to go on the NBC singing show, but nobody wanted him to. But the crowd favorite was a country ballad: The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks. The Kansas defensive tackle was all over the internet on December 18, 2022, as he was captured drinking a beer on the sideline. After graduating high school, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue a career in music. "@type": "FAQPage", Multiple people offered to buy Kris' Facebook page for tens of thousands of dollarsor offered large sums of money to post advertisements on Kris' page. This time, he received a contract. Hes definitely someone to watch out for in the future. He is on the roster of the Kansas Chief City for the 2023 Super Bowl LVII. He needed to know how much money hed made. But the isolation may have taken a toll, or at least exacerbated Lindas pre-existing mental troubles. The place he felt famous was online. There is some debate over who sang Tennessee whiskey first. Texas country crooner who became an internet superstar in 2017 after his soulful cover of George Jones' "Tennessee Whiskey" went viral. Shewana is very supportive of her husband; she visits him on the game field often and shows her love and support for him. Did she slip away without me really realising what was happening? Websites wrote stories about his voice. Her soulful rendition of "Tennessee Whiskey" was a highlight of the episode, and it left the audience in awe. MORE: Sir Tom Jones admits shock after reaching incredible milestone. As to what happened to Kris Joness wife, she is still married to him, and they are going strong, caring for their family. Kriss wife played a big role in catapulting her husband to fame. Kris was convinced. For the better part of nearly 60 years, she lived mostly alone while Jones toured their son Mark was and is his manager and turned a blind eye to his various (and numerous Jones at one point estimated he slept with up to 250 women a year, a figure that at one point included The Supremes Mary Wilson) infidelities, though at one point they took their toll. She shared the good news via her Instagram post where she wrote, Carson Dakota Jones 9.28.22.. He graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism in 2013. Catching Up With Agnes From Tanked: See What Shes Doing Now! She is also a popular ambassador for her home state of Oklahoma, and she has been involved in a number of charitable endeavors. She couldnt stop smiling. He lasted an hour. Because his mom was working two jobs to support her family, Kriss education was neglected and at the age of 14 he went to work full-time. California Consumer Privacy Act | Kris said another beautiful thing about his marriage was that the children he had with Lisa helped him get back in touch with all his older children. Kris meant it. A video of the then 38-year-old Alvarado dad singing "Tennessee Whiskey" to his daughter unexpectedly went viral in 2017. As Dayla records the performance on her phone from the front seat of their truck, neither one of them knew that their lives were about to change and Kris was about to be handed a platform from which he could share his incredible story. Your social media is blowing up with friend requests, mentions and likes. Chris earned his first career start against the New Orleans Saints and recorded two solo tackles in 27-21 wins. The odds were against Kris Jones from early on. During his weekly Facebook Live performances, hed sing for more than 2,000 fans tuning in from all over the country. Wannabe managers called to get a piece of the action. In mid-May, they all met at a hotel in Alvarado. She wanted to show off her dads amazing voice to her friends. He pulled into a gas station and a stranger asked, Are you the Tennessee Whiskey guy? and he signed his first autograph. After the 2016 NFL Draft, he started playing professionally for Kansas City Chiefs; he was the 37th overall pick in the second round. At 16, he and a friend went on a blind double date at a karaoke bar. The lights. Radio stations and newspapers requested interviews. Revealed on George Jones ' official Facebook page alongside a beautiful photo of his gravesite adorned in flowers, the team asked fans for prayers for his widow during her time of need. What Happened to Martin on the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. Chris with Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl on February 12, 2023, in a 38-35 (win-loss) game against Philadelphia Eagles. He wasnt thinking about the camera or the nearby shoppers. Despite his viral fame, Kris Jones did not become the big-time country music star he had hoped to be. "text": "Jones has played for Kansas City Chiefs since his professional debut. He found Destinie, newly single, with two young kids: Traelon, 6, and Dayla, 3. And youve got to go and do what we planned to do', which was to move back to London," he told a visibly moved Alex Jones. And a few big things were on the horizon: a music video and an invitation from American Idol star Kellie Pickler to appear on her new CMT show, Pickler & Ben. I need to make my hubby famous, she wrote. Kris and Destinie, who would be his future wife, met when they were just 16. Kris Jones is a musician who is most well-known for his work as the lead singer and guitarist of the band One Direction. It just wasnt his genre anymore, plus, family mattered more. This month marks the 20th anniversary of Elizabeth's return home and on this week's episode of All In, we speak with Chris Thomas who acted as spokesperson for the Smart Family throughout their entire experience in searching for Elizabeth. DALLAS (AP) The wife of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was arrested Christmas Eve on a domestic violence charge that the right-wing provocateur said stems from a "medication imbalance.". Shroyer has said he is innocent of the charges. The couple has three children together; all three are sons. After splitting from his second wife, Rita Coolidge, in 1980, the "Me and Bobby McGee" songwriter wasn't in a place to start a new. The pair are blessed with three adorable children Chris Jones II, Duece, and Carson Dakota Jones. Jail records showed the 43-year-old faced misdemeanor charges of assault causing bodily injury to a family member and resisting arrest, search or transport. You know, I gotta go. 1am - 6am, Just Another Day Instagram (@stonecoldjones95): 221k followers, Twitter (@StoneColdJones): 237.8k followers. He realized he hadnt made it. Over the next several months, his voice was all over local television and radio stations. Introduced to the world as 22, single and a miner, in 1965, there were three things wrong with that description. "Don't pay any attention to that," Kris said. He was released in 2004 at age 26, and got a job with a moving company. Anyone who enjoys a smooth, mellow whiskey can play Tennessee whiskey. Would you like to autoplay videos as you read? Mark, 48, was blunt. 1,324 talking about this. The crowd hushed. Well, just in case it happens to you, here are four tips from Kris Jones and his wife, Destinie, on what you should and should not do after becoming a viral star. He signed a contract with them for two years. I know that God is moving, God is working, and its gonna happen.. He wanted to sing in the church choir, but his mother wouldnt allow it. In 2012, he got another shot when The Voice came to Dallas. Jones was married to this real-life cupid for 18 whole years. Country Duo Maddie & Tae: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know. He is on 53 man roster for the Kansas City Chiefs. After 24 hours, the Facebook views soared to 100,000. In a recent interview with the Dallas Morning News, Kris said that he found peace amongst the chaos of prison by singing in his cell where the acoustics were irresistible. The stage was small, only a foot high, covered in green carpet. Jones met his wife Jessica in high school, and the two began dating in 2011. In 2010, he auditioned for American Idol and was ultimately chosen as a finalist. Im gonna put this in my office, Nora said. Destinie moved on. I just had no friend group and I was kind of getting it from all sides.. Mark opened his laptop, and read off Kris earnings in the latest quarter. He has a record for the most consecutive games with a sack, 11 in NFL. Focus on your job, he said. Destinie created a Facebook fan page. Not in the way he wanted, where he could support his family through singing alone. Growing up, Jones was greatly influenced by music and started singing and writing songs at a young age. Jones has been married to his wife Jessica since 2015, and the couple has three children together. Unfortunately, he tested positive for COVID-19 and was placed on the reserve list on November 5, 2020. Ellen wanted to talk to Dayla, too. Research them. Rachel Hunter Bio: Early Life, Net Worth, Children & Three, Chris Jones II, Duece, and Carson Dakota Jones, 3 Second-team All-Pro (2018, 2020 & 2021). He said no to The Four. By signing up you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, Stand with us in our mission to discover and uncover the story of North Texas, This is what you should, and should not do, after achieving viral fame, Days later, millions of people had seen the video. Fliers around J. Gilligans Bar & Grill in Arlington billed Kris as Country Musics Rising Star. It was a Saturday night, late September, and Kris was the featured performer. 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Kris Jones is an American singer and songwriter who rose to fame after appearing on the tenth season of the American Idol television series. His parents split up when he was young. Her husband, Chris Jones, and his team Kansas City Chiefs, made it to the 2023 Super Bowl LVII. Catch up on the day's news you need to know. It wasnt even his voice. He had tasted actual fame on Ellen and didnt know how to get it back. Chirs was named to his third consecutive Pro Bowl and was ranked 39th by his fellow players on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2022. Why, with that voice, had he stopped pursuing music? Kris and Dayla watched from a small monitor behind the stage. His soulful voice and raw emotion make the song feel truly heartfelt, and its easy to see why the song has become so popular. Sheriffs deputies booked Erika Wulff Jones into an Austin jail around 8.45pm on Friday. "The bill collector doesn't care who Kris Jones is," Kris said. How many championships has Chris Jones won? So read the article till the end. ] Kris' fame came as fast as a click of a button. Chris Jones made his professional debut with the Kansas City Chiefs season-opening 3327 victory over the San Diego Chargers in 2016. But after 30 minutes, his cold kicked in. "I had a great time.". And how those two simple things created something universal and rare: genuine happiness. It wasnt relevance that made Kris a viral star. Cry Pretty was written in the wake of Underwoods personal tragedy in 2017, when she sustained serious injuries in a fall. "mainEntity": [ On their date, he went on stage and sang "Only You" by the Platters, and according to Kris, he stared . But it went nowhere. Take a look.. But he had a cold. String lights stretched across the room, while big-screen TVs played college football. That he could make another viral video, purposefully. Jones hosts weekly Facebook Live performances in which he interacts with and sings for his fans, including more than 300,000 Facebook followers. (Photos courtesy Angela Flores). Keep up with Kris on Facebook by clickinghere. Sheriff's . But when it appeared on our screens, it felt like we were in the truck, too. Despite the challenges she faced, Underwood persevered and completed the album. His mother pulled him from school while he was in the 5th grade in an attempt to save him from some of the violence he was dealing with on a daily basis. He was too young, too immature. Kris set was 14 songs, a mix of his own music and covers. Jones is a devoted father, and he often posts about his children on social media. But his father continued to pick him up and drive him to karaoke competitions on the weekends, with his favorite artists being Michael Jackson and R. Kelly. It started to mean more. His voice found a home in the church choir. They married within. It is a popular choice for mixed drinks because of its smooth, mellow flavor. So, what happened to Chris Harrison's wife, Gwen Jones? There are various versions of the song Tennessee whiskey, made famous by country singer Chris Stapleton. and that the lyrics make him wonder about if he could have saved her. He told Kris not to do The Voice, and laid out his plan for success. He was tired of his weekly routine: contractor work, Facebook Live and an occasional, unpaid concert. "@type": "Answer", He funneled his hands over his mouth and serenaded her with Tennessee Whiskey.. It is made from corn, rye, and barley, and is typically aged in new oak barrels. All Jones did was do his favorite thing: sing. } To prove he could, Kris wrote and sang her a song. Websites wrote stories about his voice. Sheawna Weathersby is a famous wife of an NFL defensive tackle Chris Jones, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. The resulting record is a testament to her strength and resilience, and it has earned her critical acclaim and commercial success. The crowds were thin. A new singing competition show on Fox called The Four was in touch with Mark. Besides, his family obligations were more important, and he decided to put his music pursuits aside to care for his young family. I need to make my hubs famous, she captioned her video post. So Kris sang his heart out. After being eliminated from the show, Jones said that he was "happy with how [he] did. Jones said his wifes arrest doesnt concern my politics and that it wasnt some kind of personal hateful thing or anything. Nancy Jones, the widow of country legend George Jones, reached out to congratulate him. Sometimes life turns around when you least expect it. "@type": "Answer", But the isolation may have taken a toll, or at least exacerbated Linda's pre-existing mental troubles. The inmates wanted sad songs. Except working. He wanted to be an exception to the rule and be one of the few that found success in the outside world after serving time in prison. For the next 58 years. Despite his busy schedule, he always makes time for his family. They have three children together: sons Cooper and Casper, and daughter Willow. There was a falsetto, halfway through, that would really show off his range. Hed sign a few autographs and pose for pictures. He started seeing commercials promoting Season 13 of The Voice. 2023 |, These TikTok Stars Have Struggled With Their Sudden Fame, Country music world mourns the loss of Kellie Picklers husband, Kyle Jacobs, Here is what happened to Bonnie Bedelia from Bonanza, The Missing Piece: The Tragic Story of Hoss Cartwright Leaving Bonanza, From TV icon to real life: Here is what happened to Cindy Brady, Building a Business in the Deep End: Brett Raymers Journey on Tanked, Here is what happened to the General from Tanked. Jones had a wardrobe malfunction as he ran the 40-yard dash, showing his genitalia in the 2016 NFL Combine. These were real people thousands of people who loved his voice. But he was stiff. But he didnt feel famous. He started out playing in punk and hardcore bands, but over the years his sound has evolved into something more soulful and R&B-oriented. { He has played against many prominent teams like Cincinnati Bengals, San Diego Chargers, Houston Texans, and Philadelphia Eagles, and many more in his six-year career. Daniel Xu 10.27.15. He was just a guy with a viral video and an appearance on Ellen. DMCA. There was also a lot of spam. Before we jump into her crevices, lets get through some of her quick facts. Within a few hours, the video had attracted more than 2,000 views. Jones described . Ellen wanted to know everything: Why had Dayla recorded him singing? I was either too white or too black for the gangs, and the only time I was at peace was at night when I would stand at my cells locked door and sing.. Jones has played a handful of local shows in the D-FW area. But hoped it wouldnt be true. R. Kelly was a popular request. Mark Wahlberg pours tequila for fans at Dallas restaurant during thunderstorm, Luka Doncic-Kyrie Irving tandem clicks with joint 40-point displays in Mavs win vs. 76ers, 12 Dallas-Fort Worth restaurants that have closed in 2023, Inside Deep Ellum restaurant La Neta Cocina, now open in a big way, Dallas Cowboys focused on adding another dynamic offensive weapon. Softball Players Carry Injured Opponent Around Bases To, Family Raised 250-Pound Dog For 2 Years,, Jon Pardis Wife Shares Photo Proving Their Baby Girl Is, Scotty McCreery Shares Adorable New Photo Of Baby Boy As He, Revisiting Martina McBrides First #1 Hit,. Melinda Rose Woodward - known as Linda - who was married to the star for 59 years, died on Sunday morning at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. He is a hands-on dad who enjoys spending time with his kids, and he often takes them on trips and to amusement parks. Don't believe everything.". And Im not sure Im going to make it I find it hard to see myself getting on stage and singing after that.. They stood in line together at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. "acceptedAnswer": { Kris auditioned for The Voice in 2012 for another shot at pursuing his musical dream. In August 1997, after a reported theft at his apartment, he threatened and pointed a gun at some of his new friends. Whatever happened including a child with model Katherine Berkery, Jonathan. The total was barely enough for three tanks of gas. Who sings the best version of Tennessee whiskey? He is also a successful solo artist. Chris Jones (fully named Christopher Deshun Jones) was born in Houston, Mississippi, on July 3, 1994. But Kris never forgot about her. After achieving accidental viral fame, Kris expected two things: 1. But, theres much more to Joness story, and its a story that is sure to make you adore him even more. He started dancing, moving his shoulders and hips. He recorded it with the help of a 26-year-old Dallas producer named Darin Pearce, who had heard about Kris through his father, Mark. Linda Trenchard, Tom's childhood sweetheart, passed away aged 75 from lung cancer in 2016, leaving behind her devastated husband and their son, Mark. I got famous, and she felt the best way to cope was by staying right out of it. This is the Official Kris Jones Page! In the digital age, more and more people are achieving that type of fame, a fleeting phenomenon where ordinary people some talented, some less so are catapulted into the spotlight. The crowd wanted pictures and autographs. They said Palumbo-Jones, a teacher at Frayser Achievement School, met Chris Jones when she was 19 years old. 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